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Pet Life Organic Paw Moisturizing & Softening Cream For Puppy (100ml)

  • Pet life Paw Cream is a very effective natural application for your puppy’s dry paws and crusty nose issue.
  • SUPER MOISTURISER: Cracked-dry paws and nose may cause pain and discomfort for your beloved pet. Pet Life Puppy Paw Cream Original restores essential moisturizing through a perfect blend of Neem and Aloe Vera.
  • HEALING TOUCH: Pet Life Puppy paw cream provides gentle and all-purpose protection for paws & nose. No need for a separate cream/ointment to treat minor cracks or crusty nose or hot spot conditions.
  • AYURVEDIC PRODUCT: Made with the ingredients such as Aloe vera leaves, neem leaves, olive oil, and bees wax. Pet life paw moisturizing and softness cream is a product that you can rely on. We have ensured maximum benefits of natural herbs so that your puppy will stay healthy and chemical free.
  • SAFE FOR ALL TYPES OF PUPPY BREEDS: It is effective for all types of puppy breeds from small to larger ones. Its herbal formula is suitable for all kind of puppies. It’s a lick safe product.
  • HOW TO USE: Apply cream on the paw pads and inside the fingers of the puppy massage gently leave off. Use it every day in the morning.