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Ideal Presto Aluminum Concave Tawa (300mm)

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  1. Material: Ideal Concave tawa is made of aluminum, which is known for its lightweight nature and excellent heat conductivity and even heating across the cooking surface.
  2. Shape: The term "concave" refers to the shape of the tawa. It has a slightly curved or concave surface, allowing for easy flipping of flatbreads during the cooking process.
  3. Size: Tawas come in 2.6mm thickness , and typically 300mm diameter that suits the size of the flatbreads commonly prepared in the particular cuisine.
  4. Handle: It usually has a handle opposite the concave side, allowing for easy handling and flipping of the tawa during cooking. The handle is typically made of a heat-resistant material.
  5. Versatility: While the primary purpose is for cooking flatbreads, a concave tawa can also be used for various other cooking tasks like searing, toasting, and frying.