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Pet Life Organic Paw Moisturizing & Softening Cream for Dog (100ml)

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  • We all know the importance of healthy paws for our pets. We do have an amazing solution to look after the health of your paws. Pet life Paw moisturizing and softening cream. It will provide essential nutrients to your pet’s paws
  • SUPER MOISTURISER: Cracked-dry paws and nose may cause pain and discomfort for your beloved pet. Pet Life Dog Paw Cream Original restores essential moisturizing through a perfect blend of Neem and Aloe Vera.
  • HEALING TOUCH: Pet Life paw cream provides gentle and all-purpose protection for paws & nose. No need for a separate cream/ointment to treat minor cracks or crusty nose or hot spot conditions.
  • AYURVEDIC PRODUCT: Made with the ingredients such as Aloe vera leaves, neem leaves, olive oil, and bees wax. Pet life dog paw moisturizing and softness cream is a product that you can rely on. We have ensured maximum benefits of natural herbs so that your dog will stay healthy and chemical free.
  • SAFE FOR ALL TYPES OF DOG BREEDS: It is effective for all types of dog breeds from small to larger ones. Its herbal formula is suitable for all kind of dogs. It’s a lick safe product.
  • HOW TO USE: Apply cream on the paw pads and inside the fingers of the dog massage gently leave off. Use it every day in the morning.