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Ideal Non-stick Hybrid Kadai ( 3 in One)

  • Ideal Nonstick hybrid Kadai is likely made from a durable and heat-resistant material, such as aluminum.
  • Ideal Non-stick hybrid Kadai features a unique design that combines a traditional kadai (a deep, wide-mouthed pan) with additional accessories for steaming and making idles.
  • Ideal  Non-stick hybrid Kadai coating on interior allows for healthier cooking with less oil or fat. It also simplifies the cleaning process.
  • Ideal  steamer plate is an additional attachment that fits onto the Kadai. It is designed for steaming vegetables, dumplings, or other food items.
  • Ideal idly plate is another accessory that comes with the hybrid Kadai, designed specifically for making idles.
  • The Kadai typically comes with a well-fitted Steel lid to trap heat and moisture during cooking.
  • The non-stick coating not only aids in cooking but also makes cleaning a breeze.