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Glosil chain cleaner for bike (140ml)

  • Glosil Chain cleaner sprays contain powerful degreasing agents that help break down and dissolve old lubricants, dirt, and grease on the bike chain.
  • Glosil chain cleaner sprays have a solvent-based formula that effectively penetrates into the chain's links and rollers, ensuring thorough cleaning. The solvent helps to dissolve and lift away stubborn residues.
  • Glosil Nozzle design allows for precise and easy application to the chain. The spray nozzle is often designed to reach all parts of the chain, including the inner links and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Glosil formulations help clean the chain without causing damage to the O-rings, which are crucial for preserving the chain's longevity.
  • Glosil chain cleaner sprays typically evaporate or dry quickly, leaving the chain clean and ready for lubrication.
  • Glosil cleaning spray is removes not only dirt but also the old lubricant.
  • Its helping to extend the life of the chain, improve performance, and reduce friction.