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Glosil Chain lube 150ml chain cleaner 140ml chain cleaning brush for bikers(Combo Pack)

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  • Glosil Chain cleaner sprays contain powerful degreasing agents that help break down and dissolve old lubricants, dirt, and grease on the bike chain.
  • Glosil chain cleaner sprays have a solvent-based formula that effectively penetrates into the chain’s links and rollers, ensuring thorough cleaning. The solvent helps to dissolve and lift away stubborn residues.
  • Glosil Nozzle design allows for precise and easy application to the chain. The spray nozzle is often designed to reach all parts of the chain, including the inner links and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Use the Brush to clean entire area of chain.
  • Step:2
  • Glosil chain lube spray is to provide lubrication to the moving parts of the chain. This helps reduce friction between the chain links, rollers, and sprockets, leading to smoother operation and improved efficiency.
  • Glosil Chain lube is designed for wet and muddy conditions, which are better suited for dry and dusty environments.
  • Glosil Chain lube sprays are designed to penetrate the chain’s links and rollers effectively.
  • Glosil chain lube spray forms a protective layer on the chain that helps resist the accumulation of dirt, dust, and other contaminants.
  • Glosil Chain lube sprays are formulated to adhere to the chain and provide long-lasting lubrication. This quality is important.